People don’t know what running shoe is right for them. this is an even bigger problem when it comes to shopping online and there is no specialist advice.
How can adidas stores and the adidas ecomm website create a better experience for their customers, and arm them with enough information to make the right decision?



runners feel they don’t  have in-depth knowledge of running. source: Tomtom

customers say buying decisions are  influenced by online reviews.
source: Dimensional Research

consumers buy running shoes in-store
source: Hyper Island survey, 277 correspondents

In the park. 
In the club. 
At the marathon. 
Boost OnTheGo is the guerilla  boutique that brings the Adidas Boost straight to you, when you want it.

We added a “try on the go” button on the online shop. When you click on it, you are taken to a map where you can see where all the running shoe specialists are around you. You can go there and test run the shoes you want, get advices and get a promotion code to purchase them online.