Moe Collective came together with the purpose of making something for kids and using iterative prototyping to grow the idea to a viable product.



Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative interviews, we saw that parents wanted to feel present. But the barriers to this feeling were not having time and energy for moments of presence. They also did not know where to start when it came to formative play and what they could be doing better.

Playfully is an app that allows parents to quickly pick different activities to do with their children depending on age and time available. All of these activities have a clear learning outcome that is explained. Parents can also record and reflect on the play session as part of the app, creating an activity timeline which can be reviewed and shared. 

We used user stories to help develop our minimum lovable product. We then worked in two day design sprints, prototyping and testing this app. We did four rounds of usability testing and interviews, including an experience prototype workshop workshop where we had parents and children, complete tasks. We are currently developing this app.